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Between the Lines (experience exchange) Identity Tapestry
#DadaTaroT Urban Pulse (San Francisco)
Digital Breadcrumbs (M.I.S.S.T.) Cultural Fabric Breathes Still
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Gateway Binary Experience
Do you read me? (digital mediation) Primary Text
Write me for Art/ Do you Read me (disintermediation) Scales
  Dream Blanket

Between the Lines (experience exchange), Mixed Media Participatory Installation: acylic-painted vellum, wire mesh, wood, hinges, linen thread, arches paper, questions (2017).

Much more about this piece and images of it here.

Participants were given a choice of writing prompts related to topics within the text "Between the world and me" by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

They wrote their responses onto one of thehand-painted translucent vellum sheets and put it into the box. They then take out someone else's response and tie it to the screen within a door/frame category they feel it belogs to. Each of the categories was taken from major themes in the text.