Mary Corey March

Write Me for Art (digital mediation)

Mixed Media Participatory Installation: text of responses to personal questions from strangers taken from Write Me for Art, text from Twitter and Facebook posts (with permission), laser-cut acrylic, machine embroidery, digital print on fabric. 36” x 48” x 24” (2014).

This piece shares some text with the "Write Me for Art (distintermediation)" the objects with embroidered text from “Write me for art” are physically weighted the same as an actual tablet/phone while the ones with everyday minutiae from social media are only printedem> on the fabric light and feel more insubstantial. In all other ways (sizes, font, color, etc.) they are the same.

This speaks to the way our mediated social interactions flatten exchange of ideas and experience between people. To the casual glance, the death of a loved one appears equal to the eating of breakfast cereal over social media. Often important things are only hinted at and without close examinatiopn or thoughtfulness, important meaning and exchange is lost.