Mary Corey March


A site-inspired Mixed Media Participatory Installation: 1000 scales painted in acrylic on Stonehenge paper, writing prompt cards, wooden box, nets crocheted from ribbon stretched on wooden rods, cord, printed vellum signs. (12' x 25' x 20') (2009)


The participation took place over the course of a weekend at the Treasure Island Music Festival. "Scales" refers to many things: the shedding of skins, layers of identity (both real and affected), and the scales with which we measure our experiences. The physical componants of the piece were all in very much with a physical human scale in mind.

*photography credit for all photos to Daniel Garcia


Participants were invited to take a writing prompt and a select a uniquely painted scale to write their response on.

They then put the scale into a box labeled "Experiences".

Written-on Scales were taken from the box and put up on the wall where participants could select one written by an anonymous stranger.

Then they would place that other person's scale in the net they felt it most fit in.

Nets were labeled: Body, Material, Incorporeal, Passion, Purpose, Stimulus and Connection.

The nets gradually accumulated scales until the end of the second day, nearly 1000 scales later.

During this time the were there to be read, blowing in the wind.