Mary Corey March

Moroccan Desert

Encaustic on plexiglass with programmable LEDs and a program specially designed with Mark Kreigsman. 32" x 32" x 2.5" (2020)


This piece is an abstraction of Morrocan desert landscapes created with encaustic paint, light, and programming. It was inspired by a trip to Morocco where I saw many desert landscapes, including the Sahara dersert, rocky outcroppings in every color from orange to pale pink and the ancient desert structures of mud brick in all kinds of light from bright daylight to sunset to firelight.

The lighting program was specially created to feel the way light moves in the desert, but also a hint of the fire at night in the desert. Programmer Mark Kriegsman created it on the FASTLED platform in consultation and collaboration with me.

Moroccan Desert from Mary March on Vimeo.