Mary Corey March

Living Guestbook

Mixed Media Participatory Installation: hundreds of individually hand-dyed and starched dupioni silk strips, fiber in silk, steel, linen and cotton, wood, writing prompts, participants. 66" x 96" (height can adjust to space). (2014).


Each guest is invited to take a strip of silk and to write a response to one of the writing prompts on it. They then weave the silk into the hanging warp, letting their thoughts become part of the tapestry.


This piece was commissioned for the home of a private collector to make the thoughts and impressions of her guests into a work of art. In the same way that Tapestries recorded historical and mythical events in the grand homes of the past, this piece records the history of the house's guests. This piece was made with the feel of the country house in mind, integrating into the house and seamlessly becoming part of the interior landscape.